Friday, June 29, 2007


A friend of mine and I went to the Boulder Apple store around 5:45 and got in line. We were number 165 (out of say 250) by the time the doors opened. We were inside the store buying our iPhones by about 6:30 and we were all set about 10 minutes after that.

Incredible! The look, the feel, the behavior, the responsiveness, the screen, the design, the speed, the applications, the finger driven user interface, the stability, the network speed (over Wi-fi), are all just amazing. I'm utterly impressed.

The soft keyboard. I was a doubter from the start, but I suspect I'll be a firm believer before long. I'll miss my tactile feedback keyboard on my Treo 680, but giving it up for the insanely beautiful design of the iPhone is a no brainer. I'm finding I'm already used to the soft keyboard, and the deduction algorithm is incredibly powerful (the thing that corrects my typing mistakes). I'm just a little slower at typing on the iPhone than I am on my Treo 680, and I suspect that speed gap will close to nada in the near future.

It hooked right up to my personal IMAP email account, and my work Exchange server account.

The voicemail handling is roughly 20 years overdue. You no longer dial a retrieval number (even if it is a single button push) to get your voicemail. Instead, you manage your voicemail just like email; in parallel. You no longer listen to goofy voicemail menus (press 1 for blah blah blah), rather you just select the voicemail you want to listen to and voila, you're listening to it; what a concept.

Having fun!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Efficient water use.

We went through a major remodel roughly a year ago. In the process we changed some of our appliances in the house, winding up with dish and clothes washer models that are considered highly efficient. I knew we were doing the right thing, and each month our water bill proves it. Checkout our current water usage relative to a year ago! It's amazing how much water we save now.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


My wife took the kids to Texas to see her father on Friday; it's Sunday night. I was really looking forward to the time alone as I haven't really had much time to myself in years. I used to travel frequently for work, and that gave me some "breaks" from homelife, but I was still always surrounded by people (restaurants, hotel lobbies, offices, cabs, etc).

I have been bowled over by the emotions that have overtaken me this weekend. The crew won't be back until tomorrow afternoon, so that will mean that they've been gone for a solid 72 hours.

Night 1: initial temporary bachelorhood high. it felt great to have some space and peace and quiet. being able to do whatever I wanted on my schedule. went to dinner with a friend.

Day 1: lost. temporary bachelorhood euphoria wore off in a hurry. busied myself with errands, and spent a fair amount of time hanging out downtown. good bike ride in the morning. plowed through the epic Gladiator. friend shuttled me around to get my car in for regular service (thank you!). decided to do a fair amount of work to keep my mind focused on something; wrote a "vision" document/statement for Me.dium. never bothered drawing the shades.

Night 2: "guy's night out." good food, good dessert, general carousing (we are so harmless it's almost funny). fell asleep watching the "making of Gladiator" disc.

Day 2: decided to plow through laundry backlog; washer and dryer have been going non-stop all day. went for a killer mountain bike ride up the canyon; one of my all-time favorite trails; nice and technical and dangerous. tea and scones with my parents in the morning; very nice. I need to do a better job staying connected to them. lots of work. visited some friends and their newborn (third child); hadn't seen them in ages.

Evening 2 (right now): heart is aching for my family. bring on the chaos and non-stop talking, crying, banging about. I want my kids in my arms. I want to see their faces. I want to hear their voices. slideshow of kids keeps going off on computer; each image sucks me in.

Anticipation of morning 3: the third morning in a row not waking up to my son asking me if I can "get up now" is going to be a doozy.

Aside from Gladiator, no television watching (we've had our TV disconnected for over a month now; feels great).

There has only been one other time in my life when I've felt this alone; doesn't feel good.

Without my family in this house, there is no life in it.

With all that said, I'm sure I'll jump at the opportunity to spend time solo again.

I'm the type of person that needs breathers and space from time to time.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Brief family update...

Walking by an ATM booth this morning, my son asked "can we go to the money store?" I asked why he needed to go to the "money store," to which he replied "so I can then put money in my piggy bank." A quick conversation around money and earning ensued. Funny stuff.

My daughter must have said "apple juice?" 10,000 times today; painful on the ears.

Tomorrow's Father's Day; looking forward to it.

My wife's sore from physical therapy; ouch!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bank in Boulder!

Last week we announced $15 million in financing from Commonwealth Ventures. We are happy campers right now.

From a selfish perspective, I couldn't be more excited that the bet I placed on Me.dium several months ago continues to look strong.

From a local community standpoint, I'm ecstatic that Boulder is showing the national Venture Capital community what it is made of; there is great talent here!

From a Me.dium standpoint, this is yet another major validation point around our idea. The fact that this validation comes in the form of a financial investment, particularly of this size, means we'll be able to bring the idea to fruition and ultimately global domination.

Me.dium is building/revealing the people dimension of the internet. Being a part of Netscape early on was sea-change #1. Being a part of Me.dium today will bring sea-change #2. Something major was left out of the internet since day one; a sense of real-time community. There were attempts here and there to bake in the presence of others around you, but nothing took. One of the reasons the notion didn't stick was that everyone was just so excited about using the web, that they didn't consider the longer term ramifications of doing so alone. Now that things have matured, there is often a sense of desperation amongst our users, to be around other people online. Me.dium is removing the blinders that we've all been wearing online for a decade. Once the veil is lifted, amazing things can happen, and Me.dium's working to build those amazing things.