Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Web Strength

I'm sitting here listening to Dave Fetterman (Facebook API/Platform guy) at the Widget Summit in SF, and the strength of the overall web platform is astounding. It's actually working ;-)!

The consumer's move to such highly dynamic, large scale, heavily used, web applications, such as Facebook, puts incredible stress on the overall network components. From DBs, to CDNs, to app servers, web servers, and web browsers; incredibly the whole chain is holding up.

When we were trying to figure out how to open the client up to more dynamic interaction between application and user (ultimately landing on XMLHttpRequest), I had several doubts about things actually working at scale (e.g. performance, both server-side and client-side). Well... people have found a way. Bugs have been worked around, performance has been tuned, users are allowing more interesting information to be publicly available about them, and sandboxes (native or layered (e.g. FBML)) are providing true solutions that millions of users leverage all day, everyday.

When things were relatively static and non-interactive, everything working wasn't much of a surprise, but with so many moving parts now, it's actually pretty wild that it's all working.

Monday, October 15, 2007

True Friends...

Corny, late, two-bottles-of-Opus-One blog post.

I'm back in San Francisco for a couple of nights, staying at an old friend's pad in the city. I love this town, and the friends we left when we moved back home to Boulder. As "big" a city as it is, it's always amazing to me how small it actually is.

Whenever I'm driving around here I drive past a great memory every several blocks. From Russion Hill, to SoMa, my wife, myself, and our "Netscape crew" had so many memorable times in this fabulous city.

I miss the pace. I miss the particular personality. I miss the climate. I miss the insanely steep streets.

Fillmore St. has become a bit too trendy for my taste though.

I feel so lucky to have such heartfelt, long lasting, friendships with so many people.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Your Friends

I sat on a panel last week at a WICT conference in Denver, and it forced me to crystallize some thinking we've been doing at Me.dium over the past year or so. I posted those thoughts over on Me.dium's blog. If you're into the social networking space at all, give it a read.