Friday, November 22, 2013

Day In Pictures; Busy Friday

Rob Hamilton recently joined the Gnip San Francisco office. He's in Boulder for a couple of weeks to learn the ways of the force. This guy knows how to do the worm dance move too boot.

Scott Brave recently moved to CO and is sorting through his options around what to do next. Fun tie-in with a very successful iOS gaming firm a friend started awhile ago in Boulder.

Gnip CEO Chris Moody in the groove. This is his "I just crushed that in email!" action pose.

Moving conversation with Simple Energy CEO Yoav Lurie. Hoping I didn't scare the crap out of him. Live pure and clear brother!

Moody and I officially have a concerning sport coat "you wear mine I'll wear yours" thing going on. Chris made his way over to Weekends and had Ann set him up with the right gear. Many nice-coat-worthy activities underway.

Fun gathering with Gnip & Full Contact crew in an Oblong Mezzanine setup at Foundry Group. Brad doing his best to hide from the shot and flip me the bird.

Shot for "Built In Colorado" interview. 

Elyse Kent from "Built In Colorado" trying to interview me.

End-of-week retrospective on a pivotal project we're working on. I missed the demo following this meeting, but was lucky enough to see my little girl play the cowardly lion in a Wizard of Oz play instead.

My little one at a post performance celebratory dinner at The Sink on the hill in Boulder.

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