Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day In Pictures: Another Tuesday!?!

For some reason these apparently happen on Tuesdays. I thought they were random.?

Getting ready for school with my little pea.
My son, "ready" for school early. He was reading "Java for Dummies" with his spare time this morning.
Mark crushing "drop-off" at school. My son owes him a double-scoop of ice cream because the Broncos lost.
Sitting with Shannon and Greg. The three of us make up the core of the meditation group. 
We've started doing day-long new-employee orientation each month. I kick the day off with Gnip history/timeline/overview stuff. Always a fun, and deep, moment for me.
Chris Moody grabbed the camera and caught this shot of me doing pointy-hair things on a (heavily redacted) whiteboard.  
Product Roadmap sync with interested parties. If you want to know what we've recently done, what we're working on now, and what we're going to work on next, you attend this meeting. This is also a place to opine on what we should be working on.
Catching up with Andrew on the new Developer Relations role he has defined and built and filled.
Engstrom. 'nough said. 
Pre Kendra Current session. Time with her is always grounding. 
Rob doesn't like the day-in-pictures thing (at least when he's in it). Caught him post eye-roll here. Rob, Greg and I were talking about how Engineering allocates resources to meet Product priorities. 
Greg has gotten used to day-in-picture days.
Today is the day Gnip all-hands' became full-scale audio/video productions. Coming soon to a channel near you.
Audio, check! Gong, check!
Gnip CEO Chris Moody warming up the crowd.
I had to cut-out early for parent teacher conferences. Our daughter with her amazing teacher.
Our son with his incredible teacher.

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