Friday, December 18, 2015

Day In Pictures: Nepal Trek

As part of a broader visit to Nepal to help rebuild Chhulemu with the Himalayan Development Foundation, here's our crew during a five day trek to Dudh Kunda ("Milk Lake"). Sherpa Mountain Adventures got us there and back safely, and we had a ton of fun!

Chhiring Sherpa - our lead Sherpa, guide, and translator.
Kale Sherpa - associate Sherpa, guide. He also hosted us in Taksindu one night at his guest house/resort.
Mingmar Sherpa - Comedy relief and most experienced Sherpa on the trek.
Lara from Bainbridge, Washington. Fellow trekker and trooper who did the trek with a solid head-cold.
Keri from Denver. Fellow trekker.
Kate from L.A. Fellow trekker and photographer I learned a lot from.
Sonam Sherpa - Ball of energy 17-yr-old porter on the trek. He can carry more than you; always. Funny guy with lots of English.
Dawa Sherpa - A bit mysterious this guy. Later learned we were trading fresh incense for kerosene with him. He was randomly with us for the day.
Norbu Sherpa - Porter extrordinaire.

Chhiring Sherpa - Names get re-used a lot in Sherpa culture. This Chhiring was another porter on the trek.
Jangbu Sherpa - Our chef on the journey. Amazing what this guy can do with portable food and kerosene burners. Yum!
Db Pakhrin - Another porter. I nicknamed this guy "the beast." Any load. Any day. Any distance. No complaints.
Ashisa Rai - Happiest guy on the trek for sure. Acted as a porter for the trek.
Rabin Rai - Porter.
Yoman Rai - Porter. Jokester amongst the porters, but didn't engage with us directly much.
Prakash Rai - Kitchen assistant.
Kanchha Rai - Kitchen Assistant.
Pasang Sherpa - Kitchen assistant.
Laura. Another trekker and fellow Canon photog. Learned a lot and we shared lenses. She didn't want her picture taken on "the day" so I got it later.

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