Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Moving on.

I've finally moved on from AOL. I can't believe it, but it has been nearly seven years since AOL bought Netscape (my previous company). My new company is Me.dium; out to change the world. The upside is that Me.dium has a very good shot at doing so. Many huge hurdles, but none of them insurmountable; at least at this early stage in the game when there is literally no hindsight yet.

It was a trip seeing the following in my email client, after so many years of "get mail" succeeding.


kplawver said...

Good luck at Me.dium, Jud!  It was a pleasure working with you (when I got the chance).

dossynj said...

Congratulations on making the shift, Jud.  Yesterday was my last day, too.

Drop me an email (dossy@panoptic.com) sometime and tell me about Me.dium.com, and I can tell you about what I'm doing now ... perhaps there's some more opportunities.