Friday, November 22, 2013

Day In Pictures; Busy Friday

Rob Hamilton recently joined the Gnip San Francisco office. He's in Boulder for a couple of weeks to learn the ways of the force. This guy knows how to do the worm dance move too boot.

Scott Brave recently moved to CO and is sorting through his options around what to do next. Fun tie-in with a very successful iOS gaming firm a friend started awhile ago in Boulder.

Gnip CEO Chris Moody in the groove. This is his "I just crushed that in email!" action pose.

Moving conversation with Simple Energy CEO Yoav Lurie. Hoping I didn't scare the crap out of him. Live pure and clear brother!

Moody and I officially have a concerning sport coat "you wear mine I'll wear yours" thing going on. Chris made his way over to Weekends and had Ann set him up with the right gear. Many nice-coat-worthy activities underway.

Fun gathering with Gnip & Full Contact crew in an Oblong Mezzanine setup at Foundry Group. Brad doing his best to hide from the shot and flip me the bird.

Shot for "Built In Colorado" interview. 

Elyse Kent from "Built In Colorado" trying to interview me.

End-of-week retrospective on a pivotal project we're working on. I missed the demo following this meeting, but was lucky enough to see my little girl play the cowardly lion in a Wizard of Oz play instead.

My little one at a post performance celebratory dinner at The Sink on the hill in Boulder.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Three Years With BPPV

Three years ago, roughly today, I was afflicted with something that radically changed how I exist in the world around me. While I’m still not 100% on diagnosis, it is/was likely BPPV.

Year one was hell. The world around me was literally spinning all the time. Everything was disorienting. I spent inordinate amounts of energy trying to keep everything “in balance” literally. It felt like my mind and body were coming apart. Lots of ebb and flow. Some days felt good, while others were horrible.

Year two was when I started coming to terms with my new reality. I posted this update at about this time. Things were getting better (a lot better), but I didn’t know if it was because my mind and body were adapting to the “new normal” while the underlying condition was still in place, or because I was “getting better.” By the end of year two things felt more consistent. The disorientation was persistent, but much more mellow.

This past year, year three, has been a ton better. I have knocked off nearly all of my list of vestibular challenges that we, as humans, normally build up in life. I have survived radical theme park rides. I have done all the water activities again (some for the first time), from surfing, to snorkeling, to swimming in open water and big waves, to large and small boat rides. I have gone on a helicopter ride. I have had many “upside down” and odd-angle experiences again. None of them have set me back, and I powered through them knowing I didn’t want to live life without them.

I don’t feel like I did the day before the incident. Something is still off. But, it is consistent now, and I know that I can engage with life without big vestibular setbacks.

I wish this post was about how I “fixed” my BPPV situation (if that is indeed even what I had/have) and that others feeling this stuff could follow a recipe to resolve their challenges. It’s not. Apparently I simply let a lot of time pass. I don’t think about it very much anymore. It used to dominate every waking/sleeping moment, but it doesn’t anymore, and that feels so good.

Patience; as hard as I know it can be.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day In Pictures; My Life.

Today I toted my camera with me to all my meetings. Half of the subjects are people I've worn down with this exercise and are "used to" me taking pictures of them. The other half were surprised, confused, and a little self conscious. Today's motivation came from my rental of a 50mm fixed/prime lens that I've been wanting to try out. I used it all day with the exception of a big group meeting shot.

Shannon, starting off our day at the office by leading Tuesday morning meditation; she's setting the timer before getting started.

Fun first meeting of the day with Andrew (one of our software developers). He's full of great ideas around how to make us better. He's also trouble as you might guess by looking at him.

Today we kicked off another project with Pivotal Labs. This is the kick-off of software being written on said project.

My desk-mate for the past three years. She does not allow her picture to be taken. She's working on her posture; hence the backless stool for a seat.

The "Product Roundtable" session that we do after a release to production. People interested in what we're prioritizing show up to this meeting.

Meeting with Dan (co-founder of Full Contact) about what being a CTO means.

Walking meeting with Gnip's captain/CEO, Chris Moody, along Boulder creek path. One of my favorite things to do.

Coffee with Blake, from a NYC Venture Capital firm. He was in CO meeting with one of his portfolio firms.

Coffee with Kyle, from same NYC Venture Capital firm. He was in CO meeting with one of his portfolio firms.

Late afternoon deep tissue massage with Boulder's own amazing Kendra Current.
Final "in-office" meeting of the day with Gnip engineering management crew. Challenging, but good, discussion. Lucky to work with these guys. Yes, Eric (on the right) is physically dominating of all of us; that's not the lens playing tricks.

Wrapped the day over dinner and drinks with Ian. Always a treat.

Ali took great care of Ian and myself. She always does.