Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day In Pictures; Busy Wednesday

The little one on the drive to school.

She turned the camera on me while I was driving.

Ellen at Laughing Goat Café
Greg Schwarzer talking mountain bike wheel diameters. Always a good conversation to start the day.
Time with Jillian; it had been awhile.
Gayle Doud running the show and crushing a Komboucha.  
Seth describing an awesome strategic business/tech opportunity.
Fred intently listening and clearly enjoying the prioritization melee playing out in front of him.
Ian... the well balanced, un-emotional voice.
David Campbell; one of three people I know who fully understand network/software security. Sporting a Gnip shirt too boot!
Chris Moody... getting it done.
Wrapping the day with our regular "engineering management" sync. Eric Ryan, myself,  and Greenstreet.
Greg Greenstreet talking software and human resource stuff.