Monday, August 3, 2015

Human Travel Agents

They're baaaaack!

For the past several months I've been using an app called Native to book leisure travel. For the past several months I have NOT had to...

  • deal with busted hotel, airline, restaurant, and other travel websites
  • deal with constantly changing workflows of said websites. "Look at us, we've upgraded our website! It's better now!" No... it's not.
  • deal with busted payment processes with said websites
  • deal with login credentials with said websites
  • call hotels or restaurants to get questions answered
  • try to orchestrate last minute travel changes by hand
  • have awareness of hours of operation of places I have questions for prior to arrival
Instead, now I send a few texts to Native (human agents) and it's over. Here's one I sent the other day.

"NYC please. Personal card. Two ppl (myself and daughter). Depart DEN to LGA in the morning on X date, return LGA to DEN on Y date mid-late afternoon (enough time to grab lunch in Brooklyn on way to airport)."

Native knows my airline, seat preferences, the hotel I stay at in NY, and ground transport needs.

A few texts later I've confirmed details, and it's over. A trip that would've taken at least an hour to pull together (flights, hotel, cars, events, reservations), takes minutes now.

Totally impressed. Happy the modern travel agent is back.

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