Saturday, August 13, 2016

Day In Pictures: A Wonderful Thursday

My early bird. She gets up a little after me.

Biker Chic. She thundered in during morning coffee meetings and graciously let me take her picture. #badass

Lovely Gayle. Lovely catch-up.

Annie. Relaxed after some well used time-off.

Casey (with PrintReleaf) building the right software to reforest Earth.

Jordan (with PrintReleaf) building the right business to reforest Earth.

DL Thomas demoing Nitro Kaffe Coffee for us at Techstars. Dangerously good.

Brown. Getting all of the pieces to work optimally; the hardest job.

Zack Mance who's moving to Boulder from NY to hang with us and create software.

Dan. Adapting to a growing team; sharing the knowledge and passion.

Ryan. Serializing data more efficiently while playing pinball.

Michelle. Diligent. Clear. Consummate professional. Default: happy (always breath of fresh air). 

Joey. Knows more about global telco packet traffic/scale than you. Katie says he still owes us rent.

Smart Techstars Tech Meetup crew talking Machine Learning at Trident Cafe (thanks to Andrew Hyde!).

Those eyes.