I Hope This Isn't Our Virtual Reality Future.

In the context of our Virtual Reality future, three things have struck me over the past handful of years.

As a kid I imagined totally immersive gaming, wherein even your economics would play out in a virtual world (you would earn and spend totally virtually).

I quickly arrived at the conundrums and degradations that these following first two productions dive directly into; it's scary. The last bullet is a powerfully positive use.

  • Caprica TV Series. It was just a few years too ahead of its time. It's an incredibly well done depiction, in a pre-Battle Star Galactica realm, of our real-lives tied to our virtual lives.
  • Uncanny Valley short film. A more fictional documentary-like short film. Yikes.
  • New York Times VR. A month ago the Sunday Times delivered with Google Cardboard VR goggles, and links to several powerful stories to consume "virtually." A really powerful view into how storytelling/journalism can evolve if we get this right.

As with anything else, there will be strength, and weakness, in the proliferation of new tech and ideas. Fingers crossed this goes well.

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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