Orrin Keepnews On Technical Leadership?

Orrin, who recently passed away at 91 years of age, was an award winning Jazz music producer. As I was listening to this 1980's interview with him conducted by Terry Gross with NPR, his words about music production perfectly described how I've always viewed my role in building software products. If you're trying to lead others in the construction of something creative (e.g. software), take note.

"The role of the producer is that of a catalytic agent. My job was to create the circumstances, set the scene, in such a way that the artist could behave at his creative best. Although my methods of doing that, and techniques, have undoubtedly changed and developed and have become more flexible over the years, that concept as I look back on it stayed with me for over 30 years." - Orrin Keepnews


Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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