Feelin' It In Boulder

In the "counting my blessings" category, I've been trying to build a blog post about things I'm super excited about these days. That's resulted in delay, so instead I'm just going to do a random splattering of bullets.

  • Mountains - This morning I took my daughter up to the same bouldering problem I was taught on; "Monkey Traverse" off Flagstatff. It's so epic that I drove 10 mins from our house to have this experience with my child. Not a day goes by that I don't look West and think "beautiful." I try hard as a parent to instill in my kids not to take where we live for granted. I'm generally failing AFAICT, but I'm determined to have them understand and enjoy it the way I do.
  • Smart People - "we like our bubble." Dealing w/ a relatively small amount of ignorance day-to-day is a good thing. From political to computer science, I love being surrounded by brain power. And for those that view Boulder as a left-wing haven, while we tilt the voting scale that way, there is a lot of hard-core right-wing'ing here (if that's your thing).
  • Weather - While the transitions from Summer to Winter, and Winter to Summer often are blips on the calendar, they're intense, and I _love_ the variability.
  • Entrepreneurship - Growing up here, in a bubble within a bubble (Boulder Country Club was my social/sporting experience as a child), I was surrounded by it. Back in the 70/80's it manifested itself as storage, hardware, bio-tech, and natural foods. I'm grateful that we've evolved to include software (my passion).
  • Family - All of my immediate family is here (as is my wife's).
  • Environmental Awareness (at a community level). From car-shares, to recycling, to alternative energies, I love the progressive day-to-day here. I feel like status-quo in 30 years will have its roots in Boulder life. That said I do have a bone to pick with the current state of consumables disposal.


Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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