Blizzard in Boulder (2006)

We have gotten just over three feet of snow here in Downtown Boulder over the past week. I haven't seen snow like this in Boulder in over ten, maybe 15 years; it's great!

Of course we had several itinerary resets with friends and family coming in from out of state for the holidays, but eventually things settled and everyone made it into town. DIA closed completely for a day and a half.

A friend of mine twisted my arm enough and finally got me to take up cross-country skiing which has been a blast. We've been touring around town on the streets and sidewalks. Earlier today we made it over to North Boulder Park where the Nordic club sets up a track throughout the park. The local paper ran a decent, albeit horribly titled, article about the Park and club today.

My son received a "flexible flyer" sled for Christmas and we've been pulling him around town on it. He's been having a good time on it, and it's really fun to think about our daily "walking" routine including a sled.

It has been a winter wonderland here this season. Part of me hopes Colorado will start seeing serious winters like this again. The past decade has had such mild winters, things have been kind of boring.


Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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