me.dium nomenclature

I find it interesting how groups of people produce nomenclature specific to things the group is doing. The words that pop out of software companies are always funny to consider outside the walls of the company itself. Not that me.dium was the first to use these terms, but I thought I'd jot down some of the funny ones that have surfaced over here.

Friending (v) - the process of two users becoming friends.
Auto-Friending (v) - the process of two users automatically becoming friends in the system (e.g. userA invited userB to the system).
Friend-requesting (v) - the process of a user asking another user to be their friend.
Invitor (n) - a user who has invited another to me.dium.
Invitee (n) - a person who has been invited to me.dium.
Blue People (n) - anonymous people surfing the internet.
Yellow People (n) - friends surfing the internet.
Orange Person (n) - me surfing the internet.

Anyway, it's funny listening to a bunch of people using these words/phrases all day long.

I remember when "URL" was a new one back in the Netscape days.

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