Blogger: New Post Email Notifications

It turns out blog migration is hard. I wanted to move from my 2nd generation platform, Blogger, where this blog has been hosted for fifteen years or so, over to Ghost, in order to gain email notification support when I made a new post. However, the export format from Blogger can't be consumed by any of the modern platforms, and I'm too lazy to write a converter myself at the moment. I was able to find a mechanism that supports email subscriptions/notifications via Feedburner (almost as old-skool as Blogger) instead, and added that to this blog.

Upside is that I don't have to deal with a port of all my posts and I get to continue using old tech/models.

Downside is that I'm continuing to invest in platforms/tech that have been all but abandoned by their owner Google. Google will either continue to support these two platforms because that is indeed the right thing to do, in perpetuity, or they'll kill them off and I'll then be forced to invest in newer tech.

Long live RSS feeds and the products that were based upon them.

Dang I'm getting old.

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