Boulder & California

While playing with my daughter this morning she pulled out the key-chain pictured here. I noticed that the "Boulder" sticker was sitting on top of another. I peeled it back and found "California" underneath. Growing up in Boulder, spending four years in Silicon Valley, then moving back to Boulder to help build and grow our software/technology sector, caused me to view the picture through several lenses.

  • California is passe and products/companies/people are re-branding themselves as Boulder which is trendy.
  • The key-chain manufacturer decided to put California stickers on the keychains as they came off the line, then localize the keychains on-demand and in smaller batches when needed, in order to save cost.
  • Some of Boulder's entrepreneurship is really California underneath.
  • Some of California's entrepreneurship is really Boulder underneath.
  • The Californication of Boulder is real.
  • The migration of Californian's to Boulder continues.

A few friends of mine have written some interesting pieces on Boulder along these lines.

While I'm here, I'll plug what's turned into a phenomenal entrepreneurship and technology incubator; TechStars.

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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