Cloudy skies and rain.

I'm a data junkie. Monitoring data brings awareness in so many forms. Some of it is very personal, and some of it's great for business. One of my favorite data generators has been the Vantage Pro weather station I mounted to my house five years ago or so. Yes, it's ugly (it took some serious negotiation with my wife before I could install it), but I get great real-time weather data that is highly relevant to my personal being. This post is related to my previous post about sensors (they have, and will continue to, change the world).

Anyway, the image in this post is a dashboard screen shot of my weather station. I also publish station info every 120 seconds here, at weatherunderground. If you live in downtown Boulder, I'm the most relevant station for your up-to-the-minute weather needs.

There isn't a ton of practical info I can gather from the station, most of it just satisfies personal itches for real-time data regarding my surroundings, but I do


when I don't have to bother watering the lawn (rainfall greater than 0.1" means I don't have to water).

What can I say, I like to understand my surroundings!

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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