From Defrag to Glue; simplicity

I was on the last Defrag '08 panel yesterday and I had a blast! We were talking about "glue" as a promotion of next year's Glue conference. Geir Magnusson and Aaron Fulkerson were on the panel with me and we had a fun conversation, well stoked by moderator Seth Levine, around the new way to build apps and the various glue components that keep those apps together.

It was a joy to hear Aaron talk about how they've built Mindtouch. It struck a cord with me as it's precisely how we've built Gnip; simply. Bare metal HTTP/REST (we've even built a custom, lightweight, REST layer) is where it's at! Be wary of heavy frameworks to scaffold all of your business logic. Write the code you need, and run it.

The conversation evolved into some SOAP bashing, and how apps should/will be built going forward; always a fun conversation.

The conversation got me excited for GlueGon. I can't wait to dig in even more!

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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