Gnip 2.0, and feeling good.

Posts like this are not my style, but I can't contain this one. Last night around 10pm MDT we released Gnip 2.0. In the past 15 hours, we've gotten the following public feedback from our users (engineers), speculators, technologists, and various media. This feels.... good. Of course you can view the live stream of twitter comments about Gnip here.

Some great tweets:

  • from a guy in Switzerland that demonstrated Gnip to his Ruby user group just hours after we went live with 2.0. "demo is over. #gnip and #sinatra presented to #RubyonRailsUserGroupSwitzerland. Thanks to the developer of the #ruby-gnip"
  • "bit embarrassing, new Esendex SDK doesn't easily allow mock api for unit testing, Gnip have done a better job, update looms before public"
  • "way to go Gnip on the 2.0 release!"
  • "Gnip 2.0 hits the ground. C'est magnifique, no? ehhhhhh oui. Bien sur."
  • "Gnip: neue Version, kostenpflichtig für kommerzielle Anbieter"
  • "wow Gnip 2.0 pushing the full twitter public feed via XMPP, that changes things."
  • "A web troika story abut Gnip and content aggregation"
  • "Happy days, Gnip have updated their API. TIme to contribute to their C# library"
  • "Gnip 2.0がビジネスモデル付きでロンチ:  複数のSNS間でデータの受け渡しができるというサービスGnipが、今夜(米国時間9/30.. » link to TechCrunch Japanese  アーカイブ    » Gnip 2.0がビジネスモデル付きでロンチ"

Some great (perhaps a tad overzealous) comments from various media stories about the launch:

  • "Having read the documentation, this sounds pretty cool. I predict it will signal the death of rss feeds. Applications will essentially behave like live stock tickers rather than explicitly soliciting data feeds."
  • "Well done GNIP. You rock!"
  • "Congrats Eric at team! it’s the next gen of RSS.  I finally get the name too."
  • "By the time other people even begin realize how they’ve embedded themselves into the very framework of the entire social web, they’ll be a billion dollar company. They’re going to get as big as the social web itself."

That's how releases are supposed to go. So lucky to be working with this team.

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