I was having a conversation with a friend the other day when we got off onto the topic of the adverse impact "hassle" can have on our lives.

How often do you avoid doing something because of the hassle involved? I'm not talking about the the day-to-day operational pains we all deal with like going to the grocery store, or running this errand or that one. I'm talking about the stuff that stands between the day-to-day, and the more interesting experiences that make the difference between a boring life and an awesome, engaged, life.

Would you let sorting out logistical details, like planning or packing, get in the way of taking a trip that could show you something new and fun and interesting and mind-expanding? I know I've always avoided camping trips because of the hassle of not having all my creature comforts at my fingertips.

Would you let standing in a potentially long line for something like a concert with your favorite band, get in the way of actually going? I've actually gotten pretty good on this one.

Would you let the possibility of a plan falling through, get in the way of trying something at all? Depends on the plan :).

If you answered yes to any of the above, take some time to make sure you have the right balance of hassle driving your thinking, vs. not. I'm not suggesting that we should ignore the PITA that sometimes stands between A and B in our lives. However, I am suggesting we cut through it when we should. I am suggesting that we ignore it sometimes in order to indeed get from A to B and embrace all that B has to offer.

A huge thanks to my friend who was inspired by their Aunt on this front, and who in turn inspired me.

Hopefully this inspires you to cut through some hassle.

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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