Human Travel Agents

They're baaaaack!

For the past several months I've been using an app called Native to book leisure travel. For the past several months I have NOT had to...

  • deal with busted hotel, airline, restaurant, and other travel websites
  • deal with constantly changing workflows of said websites. "Look at us, we've upgraded our website! It's better now!" No... it's not.
  • deal with busted payment processes with said websites
  • deal with login credentials with said websites
  • call hotels or restaurants to get questions answered
  • try to orchestrate last minute travel changes by hand
  • have awareness of hours of operation of places I have questions for prior to arrival

Instead, now I send a few texts to Native (human agents) and it's over. Here's one I sent the other day.

"NYC please. Personal card. Two ppl (myself and daughter). Depart DEN to LGA in the morning on X date, return LGA to DEN on Y date mid-late afternoon (enough time to grab lunch in Brooklyn on way to airport)."

Native knows my airline, seat preferences, the hotel I stay at in NY, and ground transport needs.

A few texts later I've confirmed details, and it's over. A trip that would've taken at least an hour to pull together (flights, hotel, cars, events, reservations), takes minutes now.

Totally impressed. Happy the modern travel agent is back.

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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