Ignite Boulder: Morning After

Last night's Ignite Boulder was one of the better ones. It was the first held at Chautauqua's auditorium which is a great venue; though the audio was a bit off for the sparks (music sounded solid). I hope Andrew sticks with Chautauqua as a venue going forward (at least in the nice Spring/Summer months), it was nice to chill at the park before/after the event.

With increased popularity, the content feels like its starting to water down a bit. I want the edge back! Where's the heckling anymore?!? I do my part, but more often than not the ppl around me don't get it. The perils of mass mediaization; I wonder if you can ever get away from it en masse. If anyone can figure out the mix it's Andrew though.

A few of the talks struck me as particularly bad, and a few as particularly good. Some thoughts on the good ones.

Josh Fraser's talk on fear

Reminded me of Bowling for Columbine. We live in a culture of fear, and it's sad. Statistically everything's always going to be alright, yet we live with irrational fears that dramatically affect our behaviors. Why we do this is always a good question, and Josh got the numbers out there in front of us to laugh at. Nicely done.

Ryan's talk on selfishness

Should you be selfless or selfish? I've always lived my life as a selfish bastard, so I felt a little vindicated w/ this talk. Ryan's one of those rarities in life. Incredible ability to put the core of his being out there in front of everyone, and not in a lame way, rather in a way you connect with; he has true creative genius. Favorite line of the night [paraphrase/butcher]: "while trying to be selfless in trying to be what the one I love[d] wanted, I turned into something she didn't love at all because I lost my selfishness."

Ceci Ervin's talk on a trip to Poland for a surgical procedure to help/cure MS (which she has).

I'm not a sympathy vote kinda guy (back to that selfish thing), but she presented her quest in such a way that the faith and bravery simply tore through the screen and into the audience. Unbelievable journey with a happy ending. This kind of insight always makes me feel weak and useless, which then drives me to be more. Thanks for the perspective Ceci.

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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