iPhone 6 Suckage

The iPhone 6 sucks and here's why.

  • you can no longer realistically use the phone with one hand. if you've always been a two-handed smartphone user, you'll probably be fine. however, if you, like me, struggled your way through the iPhone 5 body with one hand, longing for the iPhone 4 size the entire time, you'll find the iPhone 6 is finally just way to big to manage with one-hand.
  • it is so big you can no longer take a picture with one hand. you can't pull it out of your pocket, get it out of lock mode, and position it for picture taking; with one hand. one of the things I love about smartphones/cameras is the ability to take quick pics of something happening. that often means taking a pick when my other hand is doing something else. driving, holding my kids' hand, holding onto handlbars of a bike, holding my coffee, whatever. and don't bitch at me for multi-tasking or driving w/ my phone. everyone does it... you do too.
  • taking pictures with the volume-up button is really hard now because the sleep button is opposite the volume-up button. that means when you're trying to snap the pic, you wind up putting the phone in sleep mode.
  • adjusting the volume is really hard now because the the sleep button is opposite the volume buttons. that means when you're adjusting volume you inadvertently put the phone in sleep mode.

The camera itself is awesome, and the screen is gorgeous. Neither of those things matter though if you can't physically manage the device itself. I'm sure mine will shatter in the next couple of weeks as my phone-dropping frequency has shot way up.

Yes... I heavily use the double-tap-home-button kludge to try to drive the UI into one-hand mode. It can be helpful (crucial in some cases), but it doesn't address the major issues.

At some point I might write a post about all the crappy bugs in iOS 8 too. Steve... I miss you in so many ways.

I'm on a quest for a small form factor Android smartphone now. Bummed. I never thought I'd see the day.

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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