jud@gnip.com is no more

I decided not to stay on through the acquisition. I'm no longer with Gnip/Twitter. There was no drama around the decision. It was the right choice for me, though it is of course bittersweet.

I have no plans to "do it again." I have been trying to stoke a fire in me around some creative stuff for awhile now though, and I'm enjoying that, and I am looking forward to more of it.

The list of people to thank is too long for this post; I'll get to you.

This has been one of the most fulfilling and powerful experiences of my life. I got to spend six years with amazing people working on incredible stuff. I'm so grateful for that.

Ironically I'm a small investor in bounce.io. I don't know what the jud@gnip.com email bounce will eventually look like, but I am certain it won't look as it should; bounce.io is fixing that!

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

Parent, photographer, mountain biker, runner, investor, wagyu & sushi eater, and a Boulderite. Full bio here: https://valeski.org/jud-valeski-bio
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