June Oven: First Reaction

I gave up pre-ordering/kickstarting a long time ago because the commitment-to-successful-delivery ratio got too low. One of the few to pull through though was June Oven, and mine arrived yesterday.

It's been a great initial 24-hrs. So far I've reheated pizza (nice to do that sans microwave or heating up a full-sized range), roasted a whole chicken with vegetables (family dinner), and knocked together a bacon/egg/english muffin breakfast sandwich for my boy this morning.

While I can't speak to actual longevity obviously, all the materials feel rock solid and durable. The UI/touchscreen works great.

Dinner last night turned out awesome! We're a family that orders-in/eats-out a lot. Over the past year we've been working on cooking at home more (Blue Apron & Plated have been a _huge_ help for that). With the successful (easy to prep/cook (fire and forget) and everyone loved the end-result) chicken dinner last night, I can see June yielding even more meals at home; stoked!

One of June's features is time-lapse video of the actual cooking; here's last night's dinner and before/after stills at the end of this post.

Only issues I've had have been around iOS-app-to-oven connection; handful of "not found" scenarios that eventually go away.

I love thinking that the power of machine learning (food identification) is enhancing my cooking experience. We've come a long way baby!

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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