"Making a tape"

I'm "making a tape." Well, not really, rather I'm building a playlist in iTunes, but it feels like I'm making a tape; something I used to do when I was a kid. The thing to do was build a compilation of music you liked for a certain person, or occasion, and record each song from one tape to another.

It used to take time and patience and skill as you had to sync the start/stop points on two different analog "tapes" for music recording.

I find it a deeply emotional process. Today's version of it is comprised of dragging/dropping songs I like into a playlist, which doesn't carry the same weight as investing the time in fast-forward/rewind/record to locate the right song to record to the destination tape, but it's still a heavy process.

Each song is a piece of me. Pulling a piece of myself from one place and dropping it in another has always been therapeutic.

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

Parent, photographer, mountain biker, runner, investor, wagyu & sushi eater, and a Boulderite. Full bio here: https://valeski.org/jud-valeski-bio
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