Mozilla Gecko Embedding and fresh air

I'm so stoked to see Chris Blizzard resurrecting Mozilla Embedding with full force!

I used to manage the Mozilla Gecko Embedding team several years ago, and it's been fun to see how things have progressed, and how much focus and energy the API is being given. We were a killer team back in the day, and everyone is still doing great things.

I spoke at a San Diego, O'Reilly Open Source conference on the topic, right when we were trying to formalize things. Chris' notes from a recent Moz Embedding discussion in Mountain View a few weeks ago would have made for a much better presentation.

We initially fired up the effort to make sure Gecko could be integrated into a schlew of AOL products. Remember AOL bought Netscape/Mozilla. We kicked ass in roughly a half-dozen products AOL had, including the Windows AOL client (which was the only one not to see the light of day; long story... over beer... in a word "politics"). We went so far as to try and brand Gecko w/ Netscape as well (see post image). Ahhh, good times.

Go Gecko embedding!

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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