Parenting, "the talk," and a Request.

A couple of days ago I tweeted about "the talk" I had with my 10-yr-old daughter, and it received an intense amount of attention.

The tweet was actually about "the network," as opposed to sex, which everyone undoubtedly assumed it was about. I included a diagram that I had sketched for her in real-time, which unintentionally turned out to be click-bait that drew a lot of attention.

A really neat thing happened; a few people tweeted back to me with their version of the diagram that they used to teach their children. That got me thinking that it would be neat to compile a bunch of these diagrams that people have drawn for others (their parents, their children, their friends, themselves), and build a book out of them.

These diagrams are kind of like modern cave drawings we're using to communicate the structure of a huge part of our lives; the internet.

If you have a diagram that describes "the network"/Internet (or some facet of it) and want to participate in this, please email a pic/scan of it to me along with the following information. Happy to include you with credit, or anonymously. I'm at

- your name
- your gender
- the country you live in
- who you drew the diagram for (a child, a parent, a colleague, a friend, whoever)
- the approximate age of the person you drew it for
- the gender of the recipient

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