Should I Do This?

I've had a recent influx of conversations that have driven me back to a few tenants I live by. Thought I'd write briefly about them.

If you're ever faced with a decision around whether or not you should invest time, money or energy in something, bounce them against these three things. If you answer yes to any of them… make the investment.

Network Access
Does it provide better access to "the network" (DNS + HTTP servers)?

Does it result is faster speeds (either latency or throughput)?

Does it involve creating something good/cool that can be accessed by a URL?

Yes, they're overly simple. Yes, they're too high level. Yes, they're all related.

If you're about to invest in something (other than charity/humanitarian stuff) that does NOT contribute to one of those things, you're increasing the odds of failure.

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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