That Was So Stressful!

I just successfully used . I got it on the second try. Here's my text.

I would love to see the world's editor windows support this feature by default. I wonder what everything would look and feel like if we all wrote this way. Same goes for writing code :). that would be powerful.

I'm definitely stressing as I can see the bar across the top creeping along and it seems I'm only one-fifth of the way through this exercise.

So much gets lost when we edit over and over again and stall our thought process to perfect verbiage and such. Consciousness seems to get lost in it all. Our true selves become masked.

Interesting, I find myself typing garbage and deleting it to buy myself small bits of time when my mind goes blank.

Almost halfway there! This will be fascinating if I can get to the end. Can you feel my stress ticking up :).

So much of the world is concerned with consuming content instead of creating it. I wish we could/would all spend more time creating. That said, creating doesn't necessarily mean creating and editing over and over and over again. This is why I emphasize my photography work as "in-camera." It ensures that I don't spend a bunch of hours in front of a computer editing my photographs. It forces me to compose shots just "so" and ensures I get the settings right up-front, instead of tweaking and editing later.

I think the world would be a better place if, in general, we didn't edit everything. Of course, I'm a huge fan of the 24-hr rule which says we must wait 24 hrs or "sleep on it" before sending/saying something that could be done in the heat of the moment. That always has served me, and others well, but I wonder how you weave that into a tool/feature like this.

I'm almost done. I'm near the end. Please don't brain glitch and miss this. I twould suck to get this far and lose it all. But this has been a fun adventure. I hope others will try it. my palms are literally sweating as I type this.

I need to calm down as I can see the stress ki

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