Travel Guides

I've been doing a fair amount of leisure travel recently and have come across an amazing set of travel guides. They're called CitiX60 guides, and are published by Viction Workshop; .

They are awesome!

  • Each one is a compilation of recommendations by local creatives (not advertisers paying for placement).
  • Each one's cover is a cool wrap that unfolds into an artists' beautiful rendition of the city map itself.
  • They're small and softcover and fit into daypacks easily.
  • Each recommendation has a QR code you can quickly scan if you want to dive in further.

I've been to a few cities with these guides now and have to say that I've enjoyed more experiences through them than I have in a lifetime of other guidebooks. Nearly all hits, and no misses, and they're gorgeous little books to keep around too boot.

Curation... it's the future.

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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