True Friends...

Corny, late, two-bottles-of-Opus-One blog post.

I'm back in San Francisco for a couple of nights, staying at an old friend's pad in the city. I love this town, and the friends we left when we moved back home to Boulder. As "big" a city as it is, it's always amazing to me how small it actually is.

Whenever I'm driving around here I drive past a great memory every several blocks. From Russion Hill, to SoMa, my wife, myself, and our "Netscape crew" had so many memorable times in this fabulous city.

I miss the pace. I miss the particular personality. I miss the climate. I miss the insanely steep streets.

Fillmore St. has become a bit too trendy for my taste though.

I feel so lucky to have such heartfelt, long lasting, friendships with so many people.

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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