Where Did The Journalism Go?

With Circa dead, I lost what I considered my last shot at reasonable "news" consumption. I'm aware Circa was "editors" and not "journalists," but they did a decent job editing stuff together and letting me walk down categories of content I wanted, instead of being spoon-fed crap by media outlets. Circa dying was a big blow for me.

Anyway, I've asked this before, but now I have to again, what are folks doing for their "daily" news content consumption?

Twitter's decent for "real-time," but it can feel like an echo-chamber, and I can't find a website that isn't ad driven and using near child-labor to produce what they call "content." Really long-form stuff I think I have covered (Foreign Affairs... Economist... Atlantic, Sunday NYT), but short/mid-length stuff, and daily stuff feels like a void. Digg's daily email rollup is kinda cool, but falling into link-bait status quickly. Brain Pickings has been great, but not "frequent" enough. I get into satirical stuff like John Oliver and Louis C.K., but I have to temper that stuff as I quickly get depressed over how awful the world seems to be.

I guess Flipboard "cover stories" and other of their magazines/sections are serving me pretty well these days too. A friend thinks Flipboard will rule the world in the coming years, and I think they're right. Yea, Flipboard's probably my go-to these days, but I'm wondering if there's a consistent and reliable source for daily content produced by actual journalists (people who have dedicated their lives to non-biased (as much as possible) to understanding and reporting news. Anyone???

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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