You've Got My Vote, Go Get Someone Else's!

It looks like the Democratic party might have what it considers a reason to select a candidate. Boy oh boy that would be nice considering all the


-party bickering, and money wasting, that has been going on for nearly a year, while McCain has been lounging and resting as the


nominee. If you didn't catch his appearance in a recent Saturday Night Live "Weekend Update" bit, check it out, it's spot on!

I'm embarrassed to be lefty after this mess.

Living in a "liberal" town, Boulder, CO, I'd ask that we, as


, not spend the next year promoting our candidates and party in our own backyard. Guess what, I'm already sold on our candidate, and I don't need to see party volunteers pumping up me and my fellow


in the area. As a party we need to spread the word in areas that aren't predominately Democratic. We need to convince folks who are "on the fence" to vote Democratic, not



I'm not looking forward to all the "


!" PR


be all over my town for the next 12 months+. It'll be yet another tremendous waste of spirit, passion, & money.

Let's move on.

Aside: I picked a Russian propaganda poster ("Don't blab!") for this post as the old mother Russia had propaganda nailed. Russian propaganda posters are fascinating to me, as they illustrate the power of communication, and Russia's effectiveness, at convincing their


of a rather


set of beliefs and fears.

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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