Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week In Pictures

Shot a full week's worth of interactions this time. The 1.2 50mm Canon fixed prime lens is a thing of beauty; dang hard to get focus right at apertures that big, but when you do, the results are incredible. I put an 'X' at the end of the captions of the pics where I think I got it right.

Taking daughter to school. This one's gaining in complexity by the minute these days. X
Quick conversation with daughter's teacher.

Catching up over coffee with Nick Matheson. X
Learning about what Alec Zopf is up to. X
Talking toys over dinner with tired VC Brad Feld.
Learning about cancer drugs and bioluminescence from Dan Rudnicki who's 1000x smarter than the rest of us. 
Drinks with Doug Williams who came to town to talk with Brad and me about partnerships with a Built In Colorado group. X
Tricia Bailey helping me get acquainted with the 10.10.10 crew on their last program day.

Brad doing his thing with the CEOs of 10.10.10.

Cameron saw me sitting alone before the main event. He came over just to say hi. Nice guy.

Paul Talbot (photographer/partner at was in Denver shooting the earlier event, then came back up to Boulder for the next event du jour. X

Elyse Kent; the mastermind who got Brad, Doug and me to open up about Gnip & Twitter's partnership. X

More Doug. X

Winding down a really fun day with Brad and Doug over yummy food/wine.
Doug contemplating his next move.
Jodi playing along.

Couple's therapy with Deb.
April; behind the eyes.
Individual therapy with Jillian (yup... right after couple's).
Someone who fully embraces the camera; David Cohen.
Awesome Agile & food manufacturing discussion with Kyle Kuczun and Dan Heiges.
Dan arriving late and pondering his drink order.
Lunch with the guy who always seems to have it figured out; Todd Vernon. X

Kelsey wielding a straight razor and a #1 clipper before my haircut.

Hostess Aprilla at an awesome dinner party at our house. X

Happy, fun, and new Boulder transplant, Wendy Hepworth.

Another guy I can learn from; Isaac Hepworth

Ian with a lot on his mind. X

Melissa with a lot on her mind too. They have a baby forthcoming.

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