Community Anchors: Dojo4

During Tuesday meditation at Dojo4 this morning something hit me in the context of "community." A few months ago my daughter had a section in her 2nd grade class wherein they discussed "community." What makes a community? What does a community need to be a community? etc. It was wild seeing it broken down like it was at a literal elementary level.

Dojo4 has become a community anchor for me. What makes it so?

It hasn't been around too long, but a few years at least. It's not some fly-by-night firm/team/place that comes and goes with the wind. I can count on it being there for me (for a drink, a chat, help with software, spiritual connection, philosophical debate, whatever).

Its soul remains the same even though things like interior design may change. What they set out to build remains consistent. Their values stay largely the same, and that permeates the space and the people.

Minimal flash, but true intent behind what *is* there.

The door is always open at Dojo; for whatever. I tend to engage with the space for spiritual grounding (odd as that may sound to people :)), but I know there's much more there.

Communities need anchors with the above qualities in order to be real. Nicely done Dojo crew!

There's a bunch of "startup community" content forming these days. While I didn't want to focus on "startups" specifically in this post, Boulder, CO (where Dojo4 resides) is indeed a thriving startup community. Dojo4's an important part of it.

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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