My diet, and data.

I'm getting older. It's mid-winter. I have trouble keeping aerobic exercise going during these colder months because I'm a mountain biker, and plowing through snow and ice in the high-country during the winter is a pain. To top it off, I only eat at home roughly 3-5 meals per week. Eating healthy while dining out all the time is really hard.

For these reasons, as well as an ever growing one (my mid-section) prompted me to actually start tracking my diet (itself a pain, but I'll stop once I get my head around all the data). After one, fairly typical, week of data collection, produced this graph for me.

I had a feeling most of my calories were being stuffed into my mouth at dinner, but actually seeing the data, relative to the other meals, really hit me.

Needless to say I'm going to start eating more for breakfast, try to keep lunch about the same, and really take a cleaver to dinner and post-dinner snacking. I can't cut out dessert because I'm a sucker for good sugar and chocolate based stuff, but I can make a major dent in dinner.

I know carbs comprise much of my diet, but I'm not changing that either all you protein diet hounds! Baked goods rule!

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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