When Your Customers' Customers Sell For You

Yesterday, one of Gnip's (a social media company) sales people forwarded an excerpt from a prospect to our internal all-company alias. In it, the prospect was reaching out to us because their customers/prospects were asking that they use Gnip's services. This has happened several times over the past year or two, but the email reminded me of how important this moment is.

These customers of our prospect want reliability, sustainability, and full-coverage in social data, and they believe (correctly) that they can only get if the tools they are considering buying are using our stuff. So cool!

When your customers' customers demand that your product be used by them, you are winning. It's a moment in time when the value you have created is so pervasive, that downstream customers a) know you exist (a challenge for a "powered by" play) and b) want you being leveraged by the products they want to buy.

It took Gnip awhile (a few years at least) to get to this place, but, we're here (realistically have been for awhile now).

It feels so good.

Thanks for forwarding that along Tommy!

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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