Career Motivation And New Levels

A good friend just forwarded me this article about a chef we keep track of and his new restaurant. This quote hit me, and him, just right.

"Whenever I go to New York, I always feel like I'm way behind the curve, and that gets me into trouble. I should be grounded from ever going there, because it gives me too much motivation, which is how I ended up here," he cracks, while standing in the confines of his open kitchen, rocking a mohawk and a grey headband. "New York just has this way of kicking me in the pants, so when I got back to Denver, I figured that as long as I'm still young, I may as well do this thing."

Where do you find your career motivation? Even when you're doing great, what causes you to think "wow, I've got nuthin', time to shift into high gear!"

I find that my career motivators are often quite different from motivators in other parts of my life (like parenting).

This also reminded me of something one of our board members said a few meetings ago; "don't forget. there is always another level."

Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski

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